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Commercial Business Insurance in Bronx & Pelham, NY

No matter where you live and work in the five boroughs, you need to protect your home, your possessions, and your business. As a New York owned and operated agency, Scovotti Insurance knows how to make your property insurance experience fast, efficient, and thorough. Browse our current options for more details.
Homeowners' Insurance
In case of severe property damage, homeowners' insurance provides much-needed funds for your temporary relocation and house repairs. Home insurance from our Bronx, NY agency can also reimburse you for stolen or damaged personal items, including jewelry, furniture, and electronics.
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Renters Insurance
If someone does get injured in your apartment, our renters' insurance policies will cover the injured party's medical bills. It also will pay for any repairs after a significant accident and reimburse you in case your personal items get stolen. Some types of renters' insurance will pay for you to stay at a nearby hotel if substantial damage is done to your apartment.
Building Insurance
Building insurance is an often-overlooked form of property insurance. In addition to covering your company's losses, it provides necessary funding for your building's restoration and repair.
Business Insurance
Choose from our tailor-made business insurance plans and select an appropriate plan based on the premium and coverage options. Our business insurance coverage options areas unique as the businesses they cover. In addition to basic coverage, we can insure your business' inventory, furniture, outdoor sign, and equipment.
Liability Insurance
Liability insurance is a critical form of coverage that protects individuals and businesses in case of expensive accidents. If a person or another company attempts to sue you after the accident, your liability insurance can help cover legal fees.
Life Insurance
Once you've decided you want life insurance, we'll help you choose an appropriate plan, payout, and beneficiary. Life insurance policies come in two forms: protection and investment policies. The former allows your beneficiary to receive a large lump sum. The latter focuses on building capital for your beneficiary through regular premium payments.
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The Scovotti Insurance Agency is a second generation family run company. We've been protecting New York City properties since 1947. It's our goal to continue providing New Yorkers with cost-effective, comprehensive property insurance plans. Contact us today to discover how our insurance can protect your home and business.

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